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Shaping a sustainable future now

Our Alliance was created to steer the sector towards viable decarbonisation pathways.

Why join the Alliance?

All the CO2 emitted now is a direct contribution to global warming and while we can’t reverse this, we can shape a sustainable future today! The Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete believes that a robust policy, standards and financial framework is needed to create and scale up the market, making low-carbon cement and concrete the norm within the next decade.


A robust framework of effective standards is required for low-carbon cements to deliver on their potential to radically reduce emissions from cement and concrete production across the EU by 2040. As a member of the Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete (ALCCC), Ecocem is committed to this ambitious goal.

Donal O’Riain

Group Managing Director, Ecocem

Climate action is a global priority, and collaboration is essential to advancing emissions-reducing technologies and policies. This Alliance represents collective action by scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and environmental advocates, to reduce CO2 emissions from cement production.

Thierry Legrand

Director Europe, Fortera

Cement accounts for 8% of WW CO2 emissions and we urgently need to reduce them to minimize as far as possible the effects of climate change. Solutions are already existing and Hoffmann technologies are now widely used in France. Performance-based standards and a supportive financial framework is needed to scale up the market. ALCCC members will work together to ensure the short-term availability of innovative, secure and performant low carbon cement and concrete.

Julien Blanchard

CEO President - Co-founder, Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies

We are honored to be a part of the ALCCC to further collaborate with like-minded companies focused on eliminating the carbon footprint within the concrete market. Through this membership we aim to integrate with regulatory, standardization, and certification bodies for developing standards and best practices enabling the urgent transition to planet friendly construction materials.

Ginger Kreig Dosier

CEO, Biomason

The alliance is essential because it is important to accelerate the pace of change in the industry. Innovations have been stifled by regulation and the industry has not adopted new technologies at the required speed and scale to reach the world’s net-zero target. The alliance will be a key player in helping foster the change that we need to reach true net-zero.

Dalraj Nijjar

CEO, Concrete4Change

We have joined the ALCCC alliance because more inclusive standards for performance-based construction material will be vital for the near-term deployment and scale-up of low-carbon construction materials in Europe.

Steff Gerhart

CCO & Co-founder, ecoLocked

We're ecstatic to join the ALCCC, a crucial initiative promoting low-carbon cement and concrete solutions. C2CA is dedicated to transforming the industry with circularity, fostering substantial environmental benefits. Accelerating standards reform is vital for a swift, sustainable transition in this sector.

Thomas Petithuguenin

CEO, C2CA Technology

The Alliance is essential because of its commitment to a decarbonisation pathway which aims for zero emissions in cement and concrete production by 2040. Scalable low-carbon cement technologies can deliver this if we have a new EU framework standard, which harmonises standards for cement and concrete.

Christian Clergue

European Standards Manager, Ecocem

Joining forces with the ALCCC we’re excited to take an active role in shaping the future of low impact building materials. At ResourceFull we’re committed to driving innovation in our industry. By working together, we can accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future.

Thomas Lapauw

CTO, ResourceFull

The Alliance is important because, although the expectation of low carbon concrete has been set and the language adopted, the need is urgent for practical new technologies to demonstrate conformity, scalability and a monitored application track-record. As designers who are passionate about innovation for sustainable development, we relish the opportunity to collaborate with technology developers, producers and contractors to explore the properties, limitations and applications of solutions that go beyond current best practice.

Graham Dodd

Fellow & Global Materials Business Leader, Arup

The cement industry has a massive emissions problem – and if we keep ignoring it, we simply won’t meet our climate objectives. Technology and innovation are there, but we need political will. Removing the barriers posed by standards will allow a cost-effective and fast cut of the sector’s emissions by half. The future depends on how we build it, today, which is why industry players and environmentalists have come together in the ALCCC.

Justin Wilkes

Executive Director, ECOS

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