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Established in 2010 by Dr. Gerhard Dust and Gunther Plötner in Gehlberg, Thuringia, Polycare Research Technology GmbH aimed to construct affordable and durable homes in regions affected by natural disasters, utilising locally available secondary raw materials. At its inception, the concept of a circular economy was not widely recognised or practised.

In 2024, Polycare maintains its vision of revolutionizing the building industry by offering a regenerative and circular approach to construction. Research and innovation remain central to Polycare’s mission. The company’s latest development is SEMBLA®, an innovative micro-modular masonry system designed for the German market and launched in August 2023. SEMBLA® provides maximum flexibility in building design and production, facilitating easy assembly and disassembly to reduce waste and increase the lifespan of buildings. Utilising low-carbon geopolymer concrete, without the need for Portland cement, SEMBLA® ensures superior strength compared to traditional cement concretes and is a real option to achieve decarbonisation in the construction sector.

With SEMBLA®, it is finally possible to reduce the CO2 emissions of a solid-built structure by up to 70 percent. This paves the way for circular, sustainable, and taxonomy-compliant construction. We are particularly proud of our new product generation as it allows us to offer our customers a highly competitive solution, making circular construction simple, fast, and accessible.
Andreas Kunsmann, co-CEO

Our future roadmap

SEMBLA® as a circular masonry system is just the beginning. Polycare’s current R&D focus is on regeneration, creating structures that not only minimise negative impacts but also contribute positively to the resilience of the environment and community. We have set the goal of finding more effective ways to become increasingly independent from primary raw materials while simultaneously transforming concrete, and thus the buildings built with our technologies, into carbon sinks. Polycare aims to valorise by-products and wastes from various industries and develop geopolymer concrete recipes based on available materials, such as calcined clays, electric arc furnace slag, copper slag, and incorporating biochar as a carbon sink into the system to improve our product’s life cycle assessment. Additionally, we ask ourselves the question: How can we make entire buildings circular? Our focus is on creating a fully circular shell – we plan to manufacture additional building elements such as roof tiles and foundations, directly reusable like our SEMBLA® masonry system.

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