Roadmap for cement and concrete from 2024 to 2029

Logo Roadmap for cement and concrete from 2024 to 2029

Safe, scalable, and cost-effective technology to significantly reduce the massive environmental impact of cement and concrete already exist. It is now on the shoulders of legislators in the upcoming policy cycle to make them the norm in the EU.

It mostly goes unnoticed, but cement is a part of our everyday lives. Still, very few of us are aware of its massive environmental impact – accounting for 8% of global CO2 emissions. And even fewer know that solutions exist to significantly reduce these negative impacts – today.

Our Alliance – committed to decarbonising cement and concrete, targeting net zero by 2040 – has developed a roadmap for 2024 to 2029. Our recommendations include:

  • Establishing a framework for clean technologies to thrive.
  • Strengthening the internal market through standards.
  • Developing lead markets and stable finance.

Find our full recommendations in the roadmap.