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The cement industry produces one of the most ubiquitous and necessary materials for the modern world but it comes with a significant carbon footprint. The scale and importance of decarbonising the industry that is responsible for 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions has gained recognition in recent years, yet there is much to be done to convert pledges into action.

With demand for cement set to increase and strict climate targets required to be met in the coming decades, Carbon Re provides a reference of the regulatory and commercial factors driving decarbonisation in the cement industry so that relevant stakeholders can examine the landscape and determine which levers of change could be further exploited in their context.

Carbon Re’s paper dives into how global standards and regulations are changing the game, setting new, greener rules for cement production. Whether it’s global bodies pushing for new eco-friendly standards or the introduction of carbon taxes and trading schemes, the standards and regulatory landscape is exerting enormous pressure on the cement industry.