Better standards for faster decarbonisation – the green perspective from ECOS

Logo Better standards for faster decarbonisation – the green perspective from ECOS

Cement and concrete is a key priority for ECOS, a technically-minded environmental NGO, which set out to drastically reduce emissions and decarbonise the construction sector.

While it goes without saying that cement is indispensable in our modern day’s lives, it is also indisputable that we cannot continue producing it in the traditional, polluting way. ECOS quickly realised that standards play a key role here, governing the market entrance and acceptance of low-carbon solutions.

ECOS has been instrumental in advocating for better cement and concrete standards in Europe and beyond, constructively contributing to the development of new cement standards EN 197-5 and EN 197-6. While both break down (some) barriers for a number of specific low-carbon solutions, more and bolder action is urgently needed: the current incremental pace of standards reform is too slow for the climate emergency we are facing.

For this reason, ECOS actively advocates for a major overhaul of the cement and concrete standards in Europe, through the adoption of performance-based standards that open the door to the market uptake of low-carbon solutions.

The cement industry has a massive emissions problem – and if we keep ignoring it, we simply won’t meet our climate objectives. Technology and innovation are there, but we need political will. Standards and policies must allow low-carbon solutions to become the norm. Removing the  barriers posed by standards will allow a cost-effective and fast cut of  the sector’s emissions by half. The future depends on how we build it, today, which is why industry players and environmentalists have come together in the ALCCC.
Justin Wilkes, Executive Director, ECOS

Get to know us better – ECOS and the Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete

ECOS is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies and laws. ECOS ensures the environmental voice is heard when they are developed and drives change by providing expertise to policymakers and industry players, leading to the implementation of strong environmental principles.

Our Alliance was created to steer the sector towards viable decarbonisation pathways. Our members represent mature materials designers and producers and also start-ups working in biotechnology, capturing carbon, and sustainable construction. We are all rooted in the circular economy and sustainable construction, and we all share the desire to change our industry – and prevent catastrophic climate change.