CB Green – Carbon-free mineral powders to accelerate cement decarbonisation

Logo CB Green – Carbon-free mineral powders to accelerate cement decarbonisation

Developed around the historic base of Carrières du Boulonnais, the CB Group, a family-run and 100% independent business is now more than 120 years old. Our purpose is to focus our teams, our products, and our solutions on sustainably facilitating daily life.

The CB Group brings together three businesses – aggregates, ready-mixed concrete, and refractories – and CB Green, dedicated to the development of projects which have positive environmental and societal impacts. The CB Group employs 650 people and generates a quarter of its turnover internationally, out of approximately €265 million.

CB Green was established by CB Group in 2020 to drive the group’s focus on designing and catalysing solutions which support our customers in their efforts to tackle the environmental and societal impacts of their projects. CB Green relies on the Group’s expertise to develop its projects.

CB Green represents one of the stated convictions of the CB Group in action “To be a major player in reducing the environmental impacts of the business chains in which the Group and its customers operate”. CB Green supports customers in the design and production of carbon-free mineral powders (SCM).

According our activity, we are fully involved in providing SCM to ensure cement decarbonation, by limestone fillers and clays production.

On 22 June 2023, we announced a long term cooperation agreement to establish a new joint venture which will support the scale-up of Ecocem’s low carbon ACT technology by 2025, and ours ambitions to deliver low carbon solutions to the construction industry.

Our key ambition as a business is to accelerate cement and concrete decarbonisation, to reduce the environmental impact of those industries in which we and our customers operate. With the Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement and Concrete, we are united in our ambitions to support rapid decarbonisation and scale a range of sustainable solutions.
Pierre Proy, Co-founder and CEO