Press release – Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete continues to grow with nine new members

Logo Press release – Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete continues to grow with nine new members

Responsible for up to 8% of global emissions, the cement and concrete industry must swiftly decarbonise. Members of the Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete (ALCCC) offer solutions that will steer the industry towards net zero by as early as 2040 – if barriers are removed. We are thrilled to welcome nine new members who align to this vision, bringing the total to 21.

The Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete (ALCCC) was launched in May 2023 to accelerate decarbonisation of the cement and concrete industry, targeting net zero by 2040 [1]. Our Alliance unites stakeholders from across the value chain, representing mature material designers, cement and concrete producers, end-users, and leading environmental NGOs.

Committed to the environmental mission of the ALCCC [2], nine new members have joined the Alliance since its launch: Betolar, 3Béton, Carbon RE, Cemvision, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), Greenmade, Materrup, Nomad, and Sublime Systems.

We are pleased to further expand the ALCCC’s membership and work towards a greener future together.


Hassan Raad, R&D Director at Betolar Plc, said:
“We are thrilled to join forces with the ALCCC to drive the development and adoption of low-carbon cement and concrete solutions. By adopting new performance-based standards, we have the chance to shift our attention from prescriptive measures to the results that really count – a smaller carbon footprint, increased toughness, and better overall performance. Alternatives such as Betolar’s Geoprime materials offer significant CO2 savings when compared to traditional cement.”


Mathieu Neuville, CEO of Materrup, said:
“Becoming a member of the ALCCC is a great opportunity for Materrup to join forces with others who can bring low-carbon solutions for construction onto the market. Materrup develops and manufactures a local and low carbon cement based on uncalcined clay. The raw clay comes directly from the circular economy. Our technology immediately reduces carbon footprint and embedded energy by half compared to conventional cement.”


Joren Verschaeve, Programme Manager at ECOS – Environmental Coalition on Standards, said:
“It is great to see that so many actors – particularly innovators from within the industry – are committed to speeding up the decarbonisation of cement and concrete through better standards and policies. We are eager to work with our members and other stakeholders to (finally) help put the right incentives in place for low-carbon cement and concrete solutions.”



Notes to editors

[1] ALCCC report: ‘Fast-tracking cement decarbonisation: From underperforming to
performance-based standards’:

[2] ALCCC Manifesto:

About the Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete (ALCCC)

The Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete (ALCCC) was created to steer the sector towards viable decarbonisation pathways. Our members represent mature materials designers and producers, and start-ups working in biotechnology, capturing carbon, and sustainable construction.

Rooted in the circular economy and sustainable construction, we share the desire to change our industry – and prevent catastrophic climate change.

Alliance members are Arup, Betolar, Biomason, C2CA, Carbon Re, Cemvision, Colas, Concrete4Change, Ecocem, ecoLocked, ECOS, EEB, Fortera, Greenmade, Hoffman Green Cement, Materrup, NoMAD, ResourceFull, Sublime Systems, TerraCO2, and 3Béton. The Alliance is supported by Breakthrough Energy.


Members of the Alliance for Low-Carbon Cement & Concrete are available for interviews on request.


If you have questions, please contact me:

Alison Grace
Press & Communications Manager at ECOS – Environmental Coalition on Standards
+32 493 19 22 59

ECOS – Environmental Coalition on Standards is an international NGO with a network of members and experts advocating for environmentally friendly technical standards, policies, and laws. It is a founding member and secretariat of the ALCCC.